Wash & Dry Your Clothes With One Product — Now 33% Off

Laundry made easy.

  • The Details:
  • Completely replaces your shelf of laundry products in one self-contained washing and drying solution.
  • USDA and EPA certified non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Universal compatibility with all machines, materials, and colors.
  • Scented with pure, high-grade essential oils.

Why You Want It: From detergents to whiteners and brighteners, softeners, stain removers, and anti-static products, the number of options at the supermarket for your wash & dry loads can seem a bit bonkers. All-In-One Laundry Sheets from Dreambly are designed as an EPA and USDA certified non-toxic cure-all. Simply throw one in your wash and then transfer it along with the load to the dryer — your clothes will come out great.

The Deal: Get 3 40-count packs of these Dreambly All-In-One sheets for just $40 today at the Inverse Shop with the current 31% off — that’s 3-6 months worth of loads at $18 off the $58 MSRP.

Dreambly All-In-One Laundry Sheets: 3-Pack - $40