Take Incredible Pics With the World's Most Advanced Smartphone Gimbal

For when your photography game has evolved past grainy selfies.

  • The Details:
  • 5V power, plus integrated wireless charging for your phone while you shoot.
  • Complete app control, including dynamic focus, zoom, and time lapse functionality.
  • Dedicated zoom dial for super-smooth ins and outs.
  • Make use of 8 follow modes specially calibrated for cinematic motion, plus Sport Gear Mode for transitions, and Inception Mode for oblique-angled shots.
  • Four 1/4 accessory mounts for added functionality.

Why You Want It: If your photography game has evolved past grainy selfies, you need a gimbal. Packed with features like integrated charging, complete app control, and streamlined cinematic modes, this option from MOZA is to a regular gimbal what a regular gimbal is to a simple selfie stick.

The Deal: The Inverse Shop currently offers a 13% discount on this piece of advanced tech. That’s $94.99 out the door for a MOZA Mini-Me — the most innovative gimbal on the market.

MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal - $94.99