The Best Sonos Speaker Alternative Is the Ultimate Bargain

The Soundbot HD is the speaker world's best-kept secret, with big sound and a small, small price.

Cyber Monday is long gone, but there are still some leftover deals you can hop on before the Holiday season shopping kicks off and everything’s full price again. Today, it’s an awesome portable Bluetooth speaker that’s the best bargain alternative to a Sonos you’re gonna find anywhere else on the net. Already cheap, it’s at a huge discount right now.

Fill your home with music with the help of the high-powered SoundBot HD. Don’t be fooled by this Bluetooth speaker’s lightweight, portable build — with 5W speakers built into either side of the speaker, the SoundBot delivers rich, bumpy sound that’ll fill any room in your home or the backyard. The dual 5W speakers reproduce potent bass, dynamic mid-range, and crisp high notes. The stainless steel brush metallic finish with a passive sub woofer on both ends makes it ideal for indoor & outdoor use.

The price has dropped on this awesome speaker from $79.99 to $39.99. For those who don’t feel like doing math because life is hard enough, that’s a discount of 50 percent. Go get it before it’s gone.

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