Lil B and Chance the Rapper's Collab Is Life-Affirming

The two combine for "Based Freestyles" album, 'Free'

Chance The Rapper Instagram (@chancetherapper)

A couple of weeks ago, Chance the Rapper posted a photo of himself with Lil B on his Instagram, writing, “Made an album with Lil B.” Today, Lil B unexpectedly tweeted a SoundCloud link to the album, Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape).

Already, the response to the tape has been overwhelmingly positive, which makes sense because B and Chance are, of course, probably the two most positive figures in the rap game.

Free is light and expectedly fluid. The album’s six tracks aren’t exactly formless, but they meander and focus more on “life” in general rather than any particular topic.

The collab is so interesting, though, because the music itself is almost irrelevant. It’s more important that Chance the Rapper and Lil B have worked together than whether they put out a good album or not. Both artists preach originality, individuality, and self-love. Free affirms their ideals. In both idea and practice, it is an example of believing in yourself, trusting others, and doing what makes you happy.