The Best Deals This Weekend That Nobody Knows About 


It’s easy to go to big box stores and spend a month’s paycheck in one fell swoop. It’s hard to abstain from all sales all weekend. Let’s meet somewhere in the middle. Somewhere you can get your holiday shopping done, a impulse gift for yourself and a white elephant gift for the coworkers you don’t really like without spending more than you have budgeted.

On this list you’ll find something for everyone on your list, including yourself. You’ll find some things you didn’t even knew existed. You’ll find some things that will advance your career or help you learn a new hobby. You’ll find some peace of mind and some much-lusted after electronics.

Ascape Audio REVEL True Wireless Earbuds

Best Feature: With multi-point connectivity, you don’t have to tediously pair and unpair devices to switch headphone use. Want to take a call on your phone? No problem. Want to go back to listening to music on your laptop? Just press play.

Price: Usually $149.95, now on sale for $79.95

ADI Ventures EcoQube Frame + Seed Packs

Best Feature: Want to have fresh extra nutrious sprouts in your kitchen without any effort at all? This cool contraption automatically waters the pre-planted seed pads of broccoli and kale. Let it grow and then harvest it without even having to rinse.

Price: Usually $79.99, now on sale for $66.99

Chargerito: World's Smallest iPhone Charger - 3 Pack

Best Features: Supports all iPhones with lightning power without taking up space in your pocket and holds iPhone up right and safe without clumsy cords. Give one to each of your favorite family members.

Price: Usually $89.97, now on sale for $66.99

Neva Tech Retro Gaming Console with 600+ Classic Games

Best Features: With over 600 classic games preloaded you can play anywhere that you can plug in an HDMI cord, you can share the gift of nostalgia with your kid or bring it along to the next party and keep everyone entertained for hours.

Price: Usually $299.99, now on sale for $55.99

Avanca Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera

Best Features: If you have ever lived alone, you know the anxiety of hearing a knock at the door. Now rest easy with this WiFi enabled, easy-to-install cross between a doorbell and a home security system. It takes a picture of anyone who rings your doorbell and sends it to your phone so you always know who you are and are not leaving the door open for.

Price: Usually $79.00, now on sale for $49.99

Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker

Best Features: If you have ever had a party and thought it was missing something, it might be this. This bluetooth speaker has real, but safely contained, flames that dance depending on the music you play.

Price: Usually $549.00, now on sale for $399

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector

Best Features: At just 3 inches tall, this standalone projector with preloaded and downloaded content is perfect for your next camping trip, outdoor party or sleepover. All you have to do is turn it on and you point it in the direction of a smooth surface, no outlet or WiFi required.

Price: Usually $399.00, now on sale for $299.00

Aduro Powerup Wireless Charging USB Battery

Best Features: With SmartCharge, 2 USB ports and wireless charging, you couldn’t be more prepared for the next time you have low battery. In fact, never have low battery again.

Price: Usually $69.99, now on sale for $24.99

FiberFix Total Repair Tool: 2-Pack

Best Features: If there is a miracle product on the market, it’s probably this. FiberFix can do it all: seal creaks, protect exposed wires, fill gaps, build layers and bond objects together. Equipped with a blue light accelerator, you can even control the drying time.

Price: Usually $40.00, now on sale for $14.99

Apple iPad 2 - 32 GB - Certified Refurbished - White

Best Features: In 2018, you barely need a computer anymore. Tablets do it all. This iPad is sleeker than its predecessors and works much faster than any tablet out there. With a 9.7-inch screen, you can watch Netflix on the go, take stunning photos or draw using one of the App Store’s amazing creative apps.

Price: Usually $729.00, now on sale for $139

Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch - Certified Refurbished

Best Features: Everything you need with nothing you don’t, this is the perfect on the go laptop for anyone with a mobile workstation. Images are crisp. The battery lasts for up to 12 hours of active use and 30 hours of standby time.

Price: Usually $1,199, now on sale for $779

KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

Best Features: Never, ever lose your keys again with this little tile with smart location. Simply download the Tile™ app, pair your device and view them on the map. Recharges with standard micro USB.

Price: Usually $59.99, now on sale for $39.99

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook + Pen - 2 Pack

Best Features: Buy this notebook and give one away. It’s the last one you are ever going to need. Simply write your notes with the Pilot FriXion Pen, beam them to the Cloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Slack or wherever else you choose if you choose, and then wipe them away to do it again with a damp cloth.

Price: Usually $78.00, now on sale for $59.99

Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription

Best Features: Do you see annoying ads all too often? Have you ever traveled abroad to find out you can’t watch your favorite show before bed? Are you a little uncomfy with the premise of the NSA? Use a VPN and access anything online with ease. Use it on an unlimited number of devices.

Price: Usually $900.00, now on sale for $59

Disk Drill PRO: Lifetime License for Mac

Best Features: If you’re like me, you’re on a Macbook that is about to “celebrate” its 7th birthday and it’s got a lot of junk on it. Old invoices, college essays, duplicates of 5,000 photos somehow, a few pirated discographies, Photoshop projects, you name it. And you don’t need all of it. With Disk Drill PRO, you can deep clean your hard drive to keep your computer running better, longer.

Price: Usually $118.00, now on sale for $29.99

The Complete SEO & Backlink Master Course - Lifetime Access

Best Feature: Whether you are in media already and looking to brush up on your skills, or you are looking to enter the community of online hustlers, this Complete SEO & Backlink Master Course will give you the leg up you need to get the results you want. Combining 16 SEO classes into one, providing 24/7 access to 140 lectures of 15.5 hours of content, you are able to work at your own pace and learn what you need to know.

Price: Usually $97.00, now on sale for $10.99

Nix Mini Color Sensor

Best Feature: Any artist knows that accurate coloring is absolute essential to achieve the desired effect. For digital artists, this can be a constant challenge but not with the Nix Mini Color Sensor. With this little camera, you can grab and download the color of anything you can see with your eyes, and subsequently match it in Photoshop or Paint Color. Carry it on your keychain for constant access.

Price: Usually $99.00, now on sale for $69.00

KlikR Universal Remote Control

Best Feature: Have you ever wished you had a remote for any electronic device? Now you can. Stick this coin sized Bluetooth device and you are instantly in control with the help of your Smartphone. With voice command and button features you can control an old stereo, ceiling fan, TV you lost the remote for or small drone.

Price: Usually $29.00, now on sale for $19.99

COWIN Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Best Feature: Growing up, I was a swimmer. I had swim practice 6 times a week and as much as I enjoyed my sport, staring at the bottom of the pool gets boring after a while. With this waterproof bluetooth speaker can turn any pool into a nighclub as long as you can get your teammates and friends to agree on a song.

Price: Usually $49.99, now on sale for $39.99