17 Jackets That Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

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Unsplash / Luke Pamer

Why not get someone something they really need this holiday season? And no, we’re not talking about the latest Samsung smart TV or the most advanced pair of Bluetooth headphones yet. We’re thinking about some good ole traditional jackets.

The temperatures are quickly dropping, and it’s likely someone in your life is still wearing a fleece they picked up at a store that no longer exists 10+ years ago. This might not be the type of gift that will have someone jumping up and down screaming over, but once they see one of these coats, they’ll be realizing what they’ve been missing.

From a military-inspired bomber and a must-have insulated vest to a cozy, fleece-lined parka and a super chic peacoat, we’ve rounded up 17 jackets that would make for awesome holiday gifts this December. The best part? Most of these coats will cost you less than $100, so you can splurge on another item that’ll really have your loved one excited.

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