People Are Already Going Crazy for These Cyber Monday Deals


It can feel like there’s a 4 day weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday or it can feel like it’s all one long day of racking up credit card charges. Right now, we’re firmly situated somewhere in between both shopping holidays, where some Black Friday deals are still active and some Cyber Monday deals are already gone live.

This is a round up of all the amazing Cyber Monday sales live on Amazon right now. The ones people can’t get enough of. The ones that will likely sell out before it’s even officially 12AM Monday morning. The fan favorites and the must-haves. The highest reviewed items and the more frivilous purchases that come with poor-impulse control and culturual materialism.

Comfyer 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Why We Picked It: We have a rule in our home that came from the sage wisdom of Alton Brown and that rule is absolutely no uni-taskers. There’s no reason to own anything that only performs a single function. So it was a delight to find this 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner that converts to a handheld vacuum for easy cleaning of couch cushions, car seats and anything that a larger vacuum might struggle to reach.

Price: Usually $129, now on sale for $103.98

ONEMIX Men's Slip On-Running Sneakers

Why We Picked It: No one likes tying their shoes, so now you don’t have to. Slip these bad boys on and find yourself ready to run to all your destinations this weekend. A popcorn midsole allows for soft comfort with high elastic and shock absorption to make your athletic experience painless.

Price: Usually $68.99, now on sale for $48.29

Rivet Reversible Throw Blanket

Why We Picked It: Every couch needs a stack of blankets right next to it and not everyone has that stack already curated. Give the gift of coziness this holiday season by adding to your loved ones’ blanket stash.

Price: Usually $59.99, now on sale for $41.99

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Ball Animal 2

Why We Picked It: Perhaps I’m just a brand junkie, but it’s well known that Dyson makes the crème de la crème in innovative vacuum technology. According to reviews, this is the strongest suction anyone has experienced in a vacuum to date. With self-adjusting cleaner head, this vacuum is intuitive and takes the button pushing out of switching from carpet to wood to tile.

Price: Usually $499.99, now on sale for $299.99

Nespresso Inissa Espresso Machi by De'Longhi

Why We Picked It: It’s hard to find a quality espresso machine for under $1,000. I know because I’ve tried. Take the guess work and the great expense out of the equation with this universally loved, energy efficient espresso brewer and milk frother. Go on, begin your life of luxury this weekend.

Price: Usually $199.99, now on sale for $99.99

Amazon Echo Dot

Why We Picked It: For anyone with a disability, voice commands can be a god send in terms of accessibility. With the Echo Dot’s 7 far-field microphones, you can control your TV, Music and shopping list from anywhere in the room without moving more than a vocal cord muscle.

Price: Usually $39.99, now on sale for $19.99

Toshiba 50LF621U19 50-Inch 4k UHD Smart TV

Why We Picked It We’re stepping into 2019 and if you haven’t already cut the cable cord, it might be time to reconsider. With a Smart TV, you have unbriddled access to tens of thousands of apps, many of which have your favorite shows and movies ready for immediate streaming without commericals. And with the Alexa enabled voice command remote, you hardly have to learn how to work your TV. Just tell it what you want and you are ready to go.

Price: Usually $400.00, now on sale for $299.99

GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter With USB Quick Charge

Why We Picked It: Simply put, if you have a car, you need a jump starter. You don’t want to get stuck in the rain. You don’t want to get be stranded in an unfamiliar place. Not only for yourself, but by having a jump starter, you might just be able to help someone else stuck in an unfamilar place, in the rain and miserable—worried that they might need to get a tow, they can’t afford.

Price: Usually $69.99, now on sale for $48.99

IRIS Top Entry Cat Little Box

Why We Picked It: Among the highest reviewed little boxes on Amazon, this litter box prevents annoying little scatter from your cat’s paws. With the top closable lid, it keeps dogs away while giving your cat the privacy they want so bad. Bonus that it’s available in 7 great color options.

Price: Now on Amazon’s lightning deals for $31.11

Libra 3-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Why We Picked It: A bad knife sharpener will ruin your knives. A good knife sharpener will turn your mediocre knives into a professional quality blade. This particularly device is able to sharpen scissors, ceramic and metal knives all the same.

Price: Usually $12.99, now on sale for $10.39