PlayStation VR Price Drop: Why You’ll Want to Buy the Move Controllers

They have big benefits for games.

PlayStation VR is making waves, but some buyers could be missing out on one of its biggest features. The virtual reality headset offers an immersive experience for a wide number of games, and prices are dropping for newcomers, but players that skip the PlayStation Move controllers could be missing out on one of its best features.

Sony joined the virtual reality race in October 2016, with a headset that plugs into a special box, which in turn plugs into a PlayStation 4. Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that require a beefy computer, PSVR separated itself from the crowd by offering an accessible way for a broader spectrum of gamers to get on board.

As of August, PSVR has sold over three million units, with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR ranking as the most popular game. But the dragon-slashing game, like many others, benefits best from the PlayStation Move controllers.

PlayStation Move: Features and Release Date

The PlayStation Move is a stick-shaped controller with six buttons on top and one trigger on the bottom. There’s the standard Cross, Circle, Square and Triangle you find on a normal controller, and a special Move button in the center of these four. Below this array is a sixth PlayStation button for returning to the console’s home screen.

The best part of these controllers is the glowing ball on top. Like the headset and standard controller, the PS4’s camera tracks this ball during VR games to interact with the game’s world. With one stick in each hand, players can perform even cooler tasks like slash a sword around, swing a golf club or even move a pair of virtual hands.

The PlayStation Move actually launched in 2010 for the PS3, acting as an alternative to Nintendo’s Wii remote. The current model is almost exactly the same, meaning users can fish some old ones out if they have them around.

PlayStation Move: Price

Sony sells the PlayStation Move as a pack of two for $99. You may be able to find some discounts in sales, or as part of a bundle pack with the headset. While the used market was a good source of cheap Move controllers before PSVR’s launch, the headset has caused Move prices to jump up again.

PlayStation Move in action.

Flickr / marcoverch

PlayStation Move: Compatible Game List

Sony lists the following games as compatible with PlayStation Move:

  • Accounting +
  • Ace Banana
  • Ancient Amuletor
  • Apollo 11 VR
  • Archangel
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • The Assembly
  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • Beatsaber
  • Blood & Truth
  • Blunt Force
  • Bow To Blood
  • Bravo Team
  • The Brookhaven Experiment
  • Carnival Games VR
  • Chernobyl VR Project
  • Chess Ultra
  • Concrete Genie
  • Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR
  • Dark Eclipse
  • Dexed
  • Dick Wilde
  • Dino Frontier
  • Doom Vfr
  • Dreams
  • DwVR
  • Déraciné
  • Electronauts
  • Everest VR
  • Fantastic Contraption
  • Final Fantasy XV: Monster Of The Deep
  • Flipys Tesla Lets Invent The Future
  • Fruit Ninja VR
  • Golem
  • Gunheart
  • Harmonix Music VR
  • Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live
  • Herocade
  • Holoball
  • Hustle Kings VR
  • The Idolm@Ster Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution
  • I Expect You To Die
  • The Inpatient
  • The Invisible Hours
  • Job Simulator
  • Justice League VR
  • Kill X
  • Korix
  • League Of War@ VR Arena
  • Lethal VR
  • Light Tracer
  • Loading Human
  • Megalith
  • The Ministry Of Time VR: Save The Time
  • Mortal Blitz
  • O! My Genesis
  • Out Of Ammo
  • Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul
  • Pierhead Arcade
  • Ping Pong VR
  • Pixel Gear
  • Pixeljunk VR Dead Hungry
  • Proton Pulse
  • Raw Data
  • Rec Room
  • Rez Infinite
  • Rom Extraction
  • Salary Man
  • Shooty Fruity
  • Skyrim VR
  • Skyworld
  • Smashbox Arena
  • Smash Hit Plunder
  • Sneaky Bears
  • The Solus Project
  • Sparc
  • Special Delivery (VR)
  • Sportsbar VR
  • Stardrone VR
  • Starship Disco
  • Star Trek Bridge Crew
  • Superhot VR
  • Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality
  • Symphony Of The Machine
  • Tracklab
  • Transference
  • Tumble VR
  • Ultrawings
  • Unearthing Mars
  • Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood
  • Voltron VR Chronicles
  • VR Invaders
  • VR The Diner Duo
  • VR Worlds
  • Waddle Home
  • Wayward Sky
  • Windlands
  • Within

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