These 20 Watches Are the Perfect Christmas Gift

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There are some people on your Christmas list that are going to stump you every year. On my list, it’s my partner’s aunt. She spoils us every year with the most expensive and most desirable gift on our lists and literally feels as if she’s putting you out if you offer her a glass of water. She’s the kind of lady who was widowed relatively young and was left with a good job of her own and a pension so when she has a need, she is inclined to purchase it for herself without a second thought. There’s only so much hand cream you can buy a person when you know it goes untouched. There’s only so many pieces of Lenox china in the style that she collects.

You might not have an Aunt Diane but I’m sure you have someone like her in your network. It might be your sister-in-law’s new boyfriend—what do you even get for a person who has a 401K and employer sponsored health insurance? They already have it all. For whoever it is, a watch is something everyone needs and almost no one purchases one for themselves unless they work on Wall Street or hike the Applachian Trail.

Use this list as inspiration for getting the perfect watch for the person who already has everything, except one of these great watches.

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