These 20 Watches Are the Perfect Christmas Gift


There are some people on your Christmas list that are going to stump you every year. On my list, it’s my partner’s aunt. She spoils us every year with the most expensive and most desirable gift on our lists and literally feels as if she’s putting you out if you offer her a glass of water. She’s the kind of lady who was widowed relatively young and was left with a good job of her own and a pension so when she has a need, she is inclined to purchase it for herself without a second thought. There’s only so much hand cream you can buy a person when you know it goes untouched. There’s only so many pieces of Lenox china in the style that she collects.

You might not have an Aunt Diane but I’m sure you have someone like her in your network. It might be your sister-in-law’s new boyfriend—what do you even get for a person who has a 401K and employer sponsored health insurance? They already have it all. For whoever it is, a watch is something everyone needs and almost no one purchases one for themselves unless they work on Wall Street or hike the Applachian Trail.

Use this list as inspiration for getting the perfect watch for the person who already has everything, except one of these great watches.

Nixon Men's Ranger Chrono SW

Contrary to the precious metals lobby, gold and silver aren’t the only longlasting materials available to a luxury buyer. For the person in your life that doesn’t have an already-curated jewelry collection of gold or silver, the Nixon Men’s Ranger Chrono SW in Millenium Falcon Gunmetal is a beautiful gift for the understated man or Star Wars fan in your life. The exterior of the watch is made of a tumbled gun metal specially designed to look like the Milennium Falcon’s rough and tough exterior. The watchface iteself is made of Japanese quartz with an easy to read cyan colored second hand. The bonus is it is water resistant up to 330 feet so in addition to being beautiful, it’s also utiliarian in its function as a possible snorkeling watch.

Price: Usually $450.00, now on sale for $248.00

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Axiom Chronograph Watch

If you know the look of silver is preferred, but the price tag is not, this stainless steel analog watch is a beautiful option. With a simple, unnumbered, navy watchface and the addition of Eco-Drive, the ability to charge in natural or indoor light, this isn’t a watch your going to have to constantly remember to change the battery on—making it the perfect candidate for daily wear. With water resistance up to 99 feet, if your family is the kind that often pushes each other into pools, your investment is always protected.

Price: Usually $275.00, now on sale for $94.99

Guess Men's Stainless Steel Watch

2004 may have been buried in the past, but Guess, as a brand, has persevered and not without making a great entry into the watch business. For person who isn’t necessarily into neutrals, or likes more of a statement piece in their collection, the Guess model U1107G2 with a 46mm navy, silver and red is a perfect option. Unlike any of its predecessors on this list, this watch stands out with day, date and 24 international time capabilities.

Price: $125.00

Salvatore Ferragamo Mens 1898 FF3240015

For the collector of labels in your life, you will never be forgotten for giving the gift of Ferragamo. As leaders in the world of tastemaking, Ferragamo is image of luxury. Not everyone is a silver or gold person straight up, some people prefer the art deco two tone metal look. Made of stainless steel and gold with a blue sunray guilloche dial, this is the gift of wearable art.

Price: Usually $1,395.00, now on sale for $399.99

Movado Men's 0606759 SE. Pilot

In the world of watches, there is Japanese quartz movement and there is Swiss quartz movement. This Movado Watch is the latter. This is another stainless steel watch with a navy face, but it’s set a part by its chronograph features and beautiful display of the date for easy reading. Movado means “always in motion” and is one of the world leaders in watch design and innovation. By giving the gift of a Movado watch, you give the gift of legacy and for anyone who knows watches, you will also be giving the gift of elite watch performance and functionality.

Price: Usually $1,695.00, now on sale for $649.00

Samsung Galaxy Watch R800NZSAXAR

Samsung Galaxy doesn’t just mean smart phones anymore, they’ve stepped gracefully into the world of smart watches with this one. With all the frills of an Apple watch or Fitbit—without the sterile and overly futuristic look of a touch screen on your wrist—this analog-appearing watch can track your sleep, fitness and health as you use it with bluetooth capability. And unlike the Apple watch, this isn’t a device you’re going to have to add to your nightly charging regimen. The band is silicone for comfort and casual dress’s sake, and the watch face boasts black, white and red contrasts so you always know exactly what you are looking at.

Price: Usually $349.99, now on sale for $279.00

Skagen Connected Falster Touchscreen Smart Watch

If you know digital is the preference of the person on the receiving end of your gift list, you’re not left out of this list either. Meet the Skagen Connected Falster watch with heart rate tracking, Google Pay, GPS, rapid charging, smartphone notifications, Google Assistant, microphone, music storage and controls, customizable watch faces and alarm settings. Takes deep breath For the person who is constantly doing 12 things at once, this multi-tasker has an estimated 24-hour battery life as well as a stylish band that can be interchanged with any one of Skagen’s many band options.

Price: Usually $295.00, now on sale for $270.00

Fossil Men's Goodwin Stainless Steel Hybrid Smart Watch

Watches and leather goods are Fossil’s specialty, so if you are looking for one or both of those things, Fossil operates as a one-stop shop for amazing quality style without the designer price tag. This watch looks like an analog watch, but acts like a smart watch and no charging required. A gentle buzz lets you know when you receive a smartphone notification, while also allowing you to monitor sleep, track your activities and reach your goals.

Price: Usually $175.00, now on sale for $122.50

Garmin vívoactive 3 GPS Smart Watch

For the person in your life who is constantly lost and maybe doesn’t want to look as lost as they appear, this smart watch comes with easy to use GPS, stress reader, Garmin Pay,—Garmin’s answer to Google, Samsung and Apple Pay options—thousands of free watch faces and apps, and preloaded sports apps.

Price: $189.99

Michael Kors Access Men's Smartwatch

If you come from a big first-generation Italian family in the same way that I do, you know that there is no better color on this planet for complementing our Mediterranean skin than olive green. So you know this is the perfect watch for your cousin this Christmas. Not convinced? This brushed stainless steel Grayson Olive tone watch comes with all the usual smart watch trappings including customizable faces, bands and music controls and a battery life of approximately 24 hours.

Price: $249.99

Emporio Armani Men's Watch ART5006

There are men in this world who seem to only wear Armani. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you know one of them. Regardless, there’s a reason there are so many Armani brand loyals as they are experts in trend spotting while still making items, like this watch, that will be in style for the entirety of the foreseeable future. The entire outfit of the watch is a sleek monochromatic chrome thanks to stainless steel plating. It’s your usual smartwatch without looking like your usual smartwatch.

Price: $395.00

Michael Kors Slim Runaway Three-Hand Watch

Listen, I know all these watches lean masculine, but this is not an explicitly for-men roundup. So I’ve included this slim, perhaps even feminine, three-handed analog watch made with gunmetal stainless steel and sleek contrasting rose gold motifs throughout. This is the perfect gift for the person on your list who doesn’t necessarily want their watch to steal the show. They want to wear the watch, they don’t want to be worn by the watch. I get it.

Price: Usually $195.00, now on sale for $99.99

Seiko Men's Seiko 5 SNK807

Again, a lot of the options earlier in this list prioritized statement over ease of wear. It’s important to be comfortable in whatever you wear and a watch should be no exception. This navy-is-definitely-considered-a-neutral-watch has a slightly smaller watch face at 37mm, but doesn’t sacrifice day/date windows or three very user friendly clock arms. Unlike many of the metal and silicone options on the market, this Seiko watch has a canvas band so you will never get pinched or feel overly dressed when you just want to wear your sweatpants.

Price: $90.00

Tommy Hilfiger Men's "Denim" Casual Watch

Leave it to Tommy Hilfiger to bring conservative and modest style back to the mainstream. With this simple “denim”—that’s marketing speak for a kind of blue that mostly reads black—watch with a silcione band and scratch resistant crystal watch face, this is a watch to be worn with a full linen leisure suit for a night in Miami, but stays as comfortable and casual to be worn for a night on the couch.

Price: Usually $95.00, now on sale for $47.58

Omega Automatic Silver Dial Mens Watch 22012412102002

If money is no object, this Omega Automatic watch is a fine gift option for the mega-wealthy. It’s pretty and cohesive with florescent orange detailing on the second hand, on the hour and stitching down the band. It’s analog. And it costs a whole lot.

Price: $4,214.65

Casio G-Shock MudMuster GWG-1000-1AJF

For the person who isn’t understated in the slightest, who likes to walk into a room and command attention by having a large hamster on their wrist, the Casio G-Shock is a practical and tactical gift option. It gets its name from its shock resistance, meaning you can hit it on anything—and you will because it’s huge—without risk of damage. And if you ever get caught standed in Antarctica, your watch will still work at extreme cold temps.

Price: Usually $567.61, now on sale for $540.00

Citizen Watches Mens CA0649-06X Eco-Drive

Like the other Citizen watch on this list, this watch comes with Eco-Drive—basically solar charge for your watch. The only difference between this and what has already been mentioned is the very aesthetically pleasing addition of a leather band to this one. And unlike a lot of the navy watches on this list, this watch face is cream with contrasting chornograph features.

Price: Usually $295.00, now on sale for $132.99

Seiko Propsex SRPC91 SAVE THE OCCEAN Special Edition Diving Watch

Made for diving in style, this limited edition watch is said to be even more beautiful in person than in photographs. With a cobalt blue face, 24 total jewels and the ability to stop the second hand for timing reasons, this watch is unmatched in beauty and function. It’s set with manual winding mechanism and then functions as automatic after. If you want to give the gift of individuality this year, there is no question that this watch will make a splash.

Price: $301.79

Fossil Mens The Minimalist

It’s all in the name. This is a watch for the minimalist in your life. The one who dresses well but doesn’t necessarily own more than one of their favorite white shirt. This watch is slim and sleek without being overly simple. The face is navy and scratch resistant with steel markers at every hour. The band is genuine brown leather with burnished edges and buckle closure. This is a watch for a person who just wants a watch and nothing more.

Price: Usually $115.00, now on sale for $80.50

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 1790977

This silver-tone watch with mesh band looks like something my grandfather would wear without all the bad memories attached. With jewels at every hour, specially designed bold hands and three subdials, you’ll be telling time in timeless fashion. Why know the time if you never go out of style? Because it looks good.

Price: Usually $165.00, now on sale for $82.41