16 Great Deals on Watches, Backpacks, Jackets and Other Must Have Accessories

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Regardless of who you are shopping for this holiday season, whether it be yourself (you deserve it!), a family member, friend or significant other, you can’t go wrong with gifting a clothing accessory. Why? Because we tend to put items like backpacks, watches and jackets on the back-burner in favor of just using the products we’ve had since we were freshmen in college. In other words, there’s someone in your life who could use a much-needed upgrade.

From an innovative backpack that raised over $6 million dollars (!) on Kickstarter and a cozy, blanket-lined coat to a quality timepiece that will set you back less than $100 and a duffle/backpack hybrid that can take you to work, a weekend trip and anywhere and everywhere in between, we’ve rounded up a list of 16 unbelievable deals on watches, backpacks, jackets and more. These prices could go up at any minute, so the time to start shopping is, well, now!

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