Your Christmas Gift Guide to Smart Home Products

It’s 2018, and while we still don’t have those jetpacks and flying cars we were promised (mostly because both are terrible ideas), the future is here in pretty much every other way. Thanks to smart home technology, you can control the lights, monitor your stuff and even clean up all the messes you make just by saying what you want out loud. We all know that one person who’s still living in the past. Who thinks their home or apartment is too old to be smart. They’re wrong. These gifts will drag them (happily) into the 21st century with the rest of us.

[Meross Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip - $23.99](

A power strip may not be the flashiest gift, but this isn’t just a power strip. You can set it to shut off your devices when you’re not using them, drastically reducing the power bill. It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can control any electric device with only your voice. A must for any starter smart home.

[Cisno Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum Cleaner - $199.99](

The ultimate dream of the smart home is not having to do tedious household chores anymore. You can schedule it to vacuum the house while you’re away or order it around with your voice. It’s like your own personal butler… who can do one thing really well.

[OCO HD Security Camera - $79.00](

One immediate benefit of having an internet connected home is the increased sense of security. Want to be notified if something untoward is happening in your home while you’re away? Want to make sure the package left on your doorstep will be there when you get home? This motion-sensing security camera sends all of that straight to your phone, and it learns what to look for, meaning fewer false alarms.

[Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit - $193.50](

The coolest, most visible gift you can get any smart home newcomer. Even people who aren’t sold on the whole smart home life can’t deny how cool it is to change the brightness and color of your lights merely by saying what you want.

[Revogi Smart USB Light Strip - $19.99](

Bulbs are cool, but nothing shows off a smart home’s capabilities like this light strip. It pairs with an app on your phone so you can customize the colors to set the perfect mood. You can even turn the entire room into a music visualizer. That sounds as amazing as it does trippy.

[Wemo Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch - $59.99](

Or if you don’t want special bulbs, this light switch replacement lets you turn off, on, or dim the lights you already have, either from your phone or with your voice. It works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit, so it’ll work no matter where your friends’ loyalties lie.

[Beddi 2 Smart Alarm Clock - $64.99]( Flashy toys are cool, but this device will actually improve your day. It provides a convenient place to quickly charge your phone, and a customized way to begin the day. A light panel simulates the sunrise while ensuring your other smart home devices wake up when you do. Fall asleep to calming white noise and wake up to your choice of music, news or weather.

[Amazon Echo Show - $229.99](

Whether they’re just starting their smart home or they’re an old pro, everyone will love this addition to the house. The Echo Show is a convenient way to access Alexa, and all your connected devices from anywhere in your home. Put it in the kitchen for easy access to recipes or some mid-cooking entertainment.

[Amazon Fire TV Cube - $59.99](

No smart home is complete without a smart TV, but you don’t need to buy a whole new set to give one. The Fire TV Cube lets you control every aspect of your TV, from streaming apps to live channel surfing, all with your voice. It also connects to all your other smart devices, so you can dim the lights and start your favorite holiday movie all at once.

[Amazon Fire TV Recast - 179.99](

This one is for the cordcutter in your life. With all the streaming services available, it just makes sense to subscribe to a few and buy an HD antenna for local channels. The downside is you lose out on the DVR. This device acts as a DVR for broadcast TV, and when paired with an Alexa assistant, lets you search for programs and schedule recordings by voice. Finally, yelling at the TV will actually do something.

[GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven - $139.99](

We all know that person who desperately needs a new microwave. Whose been relying on that dying model caked in decades worth of spills. Why not give them one they can talk to and program from afar. This microwave will also read the barcode and program itself for the perfect cook every time.

[Nest Learning Thermostat - $179.00](

No one can yell at you for touching the thermostat if you never have to touch it at all. The Nest thermostat learns your habits and adjusts the heat accordingly on its own. It also works with Alexa so you can crank the heat up a few degrees from anywhere in the house. Just make sure you’re out of any dad’s earshot.

[Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - $99.99](

A proper smart home should be just as smart outside as it is inside. This video doorbell will let you see who’s at the door without you even having to get up. You can also turn the camera on from anywhere, just in case you want to check in on the neighborhood while you’re away.

[Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt](

Typing in a code is easier and faster than fiddling with a key. So is unlocking the door from your phone to let in the delivery guy dropping off an expensive package. That last feature is also perfect for the friend who’s had a little too much holiday cheer and can’t bother with a key or code at the moment.