Cyber Monday: Best iPhone Cases on Sale at a Huge Discount

It's a bottle opener, wallet and mirror all in one. 

  • The Details:
  • Protect your iPhone while adding a range of useful features via different backs.
  • Suction-cup your phone anywhere when your hands are busy.
  • Carry 4 cards and cash on your phone instead of carrying around a separate wallet.
  • Check your appearance with the mirror back.
  • Open any capped bottle.

Why You Want It: With this one-of-a-kind case for your iPhone 8, 7, or 6, you can switch out the included backing plates and accomplish a whole range of useful tasks. The Megaverse Anti-Gravity case can open a beer bottle, suction-cup your phone to any service to read or watch videos, access a handy mirror on the back of your phone, or store your cards & cash—this inexpensive protection radically expands your smartphone’s utility.

The Deal: Already 31% off MSRP and only $17 at the Inverse Shop, it’s your lucky day if you’re interested in purchasing this Megaverse Anti-Gravity MegaPack. Right now you can also get an extra 20% off via the special Black Friday code—just enter BFSAVE20 and you’re home free.

Megaverse Anti-Gravity MegaPack - $17