The Video Game 'Destiny' Has Cut Peter Dinklage as a Voice Actor

His services as an AI guide are no longer needed.

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Wait, Peter Dinklage isn’t awesome at something? Since beginning his Game of Thrones role as Tyrion Lannister in 2011, Dinklage has earned the recognition and acclaim he deserves as a terrific actor. He’s won an Emmy and a Golden Globe, which have afforded him opportunities to expand his star beyond the television set — no minor feat for an actor who, at less than four-and-a-half feet tall, is far from the Hollywood prototype. He’s been on Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” and received a nomination for another Emmy this year. Things are good for him.

We’re seeing this summer, though, that not every decision pans out perfectly. First, there was his co-starring as some kind of gamer convict in everybody’s least favorite blockbuster, Pixels. Now, Dinklage is being replaced as the voice of Ghost, the AI guide in the video game Destiny, the BBC reports. In fairness, this shouldn’t come as a shock to Dinklage or anyone else. He was panned for his bored-sounding performance in the 2014 game, particularly for a soft and sweet delivery of the ridiculous line, “That wizard came from the moon.”

That line comes from Destiny’s “alpha” version, and for the “beta” version, it got weirder, essentially Auto-Tuning Dinklage’s voice, which just roboticized lameness. Nolan North, who voices for the Uncharted franchise, will replace Dinklage. He’ll re-record all the dialogue for the game; that’s a lot of ground to cover.

Between Pixels and his Destiny replacement, this is not the summer of Peter Dinklage. His relative lack of screen time in this season of Game of Thrones makes him a longshot in the Emmys in September, which will wrap on the third-to-last day of this cruel, cruel summer. We’re not happy to see Dinklage struggle, but maybe this’ll get him back to the important things, like killing relatives on the shitter. No one could be happier than he that winter is coming.

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