Best-in-Class Headphones That You Have to Get Now

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Over-ear headphones are back in full force. For a while there, earbuds had fully taken over. But now that they aren’t the cool, new item, everyone is realizing that earbuds actually don’t sound half as good as over-ear headphones—and they certainly don’t cancel any noise. Over-ear headphones have far superior sound quality and usually a much longer battery life than bluetooth earbuds.

There’s nothing worse than spending money on a pair of headphones only to find out that they sound terrible and break after just a few wears. Instead of sending you out into the world to decipher the good headphones from the bad, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite splurge-worthy pairs as well as a few more budget-friendly (but still high-quality) pairs. They offer a range of customizations and features, so you can hand-pick your pair based on what you care about most—whether it’s a 40-hour battery life or the ability to adjust noise-cancellation from an app. The possibilities are endless.

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