'American Horror Story' Spoilers: 3 Theories for the Season 8 Finale Ending

There’s only one episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse left, but there are still so many questions that need answers. It almost seems impossible for Season 8 to wrap everything up in the little time it has left, but if there’s anything you can safely expect from AHS it’s an unexpected trick.

Has American Horror Story Season 8 been lying to us this entire time, and what does that mean for the finale? Here are three theories for how the Apocalypse ending could play out.

Potential spoilers for American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 10 below.

Could Madison Be a Double Agent?

Redditor u/DUpton91 suggests Madison made a deal with Michael, and the reason she wasn’t at the house when he and Robot Mead killed the other witches was he told her his plan.

It is possible Dinah’s not the only one on Michael’s side. After all, Michael was the one to bring her back from hell.

Redditor u/H0oman adds a theory based on the season finale promo (above). “The other day I saw that it was Michael’s hand reaching to the turning around Madison,” they write. “Probably Michael saying, ‘I brought you here, you owe me’ and then Madison saying, ‘I don’t owe you.’”

Even if Madison is a double agent, she could choose the witches (and they may not find out about any deal with Michael she might have made).

Coco (Leslie Grossman), Mallory (Billie Lourd) and Madison (Emma Roberts) in the 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Season finale


Is Mallory Something Other Than the Next Supreme?

AHS Season 8 has been telling us that Mallory is the next supreme and the reason she’s not at her full potential is that Cordelia is still alive. But what if that’s not true? What if there’s another explanation?

Redditor u/lancercross is one of several fans to suggest Mallory could be “the real antichrist.” They point to “her inability to resurrect/reverse time/revive the bird when Cordelia placed a protection spell on the house preventing malicious entities to enter,” which could have “weakened her powers” as proof.

Redditor u/ColdAstronaut agrees and adds “Coco is always calling her ‘Mal,’ which, as a Latin root word, means ‘bad.’”

Redditor, u/Keachy_Plean, has another theory about who Mallory really is: Lilith.

Redditor u/chupacabrette expands on that, writing, “In [some] stories, Lillith is the snake who tempted Eve. … It would have been funny if it had been Mallory in the Rubber Suit on the ceiling in Michael’s room tempting Timothy and Emily to break into Michael’s Apple, then having sex as a result of the knowledge they gained from stealing the ‘forbidden fruit.’”

What If Michael Isn’t the Antichrist?

What if one of the twists coming in the AHS: Apocalypse finale is that Michael Langdon, who everyone has accepted as the Antichrist, isn’t.

“He was just used by Satan to clear the path for the real anti-Christ,” redditor u/zy-cray writes. “He might just be a really powerful warlock, or some other being.”

If that is true, who could the real Antichrist be (if it’s not Mallory)? Redditor u/EvilCooper87 suggests, “Emily and Timothy in the final scene give birth to the new antichrist.” That would explain why we saw those two in the first couple episodes at the Outpost after the apocalypse.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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