This Bluetooth Beanie of the Future Keeps You Warm and Plays Your Tunes

The Warriors & Scholars Wireless Bluetooth Beanie is here to save your winter.

Unsplash / Dan Gold

If there’s one bad thing about beanies, the ubiquitous winter hats that literally everyone wears when the weather turns, it’s that they’re a nightmare for anyone who also wants to wear one while listening to music of a cool murder podcast or whatever. Now, tech apparel company had invented a solution, and it works shockingly well.

The Warriors & Scholars Wireless Bluetooth Beanie keeps you warm, but it also uses Bluetooth technology to deliver crisp, deep sound to your ears without a lot of bulk. This beanie is super warm and has sound disks sewn into the area that goes over your ears. The disks sync with any Bluetooth device so you can rock out to your favorite music while on the go. The extended battery lasts 5-6 hours, and the speakers include a mic so you can take calls while on the go.

Normally $69.00 (Nice (Sorry)), the Warriors & Scholars Wireless Bluetooth Beanie is 66 percent off for a limited time, so you can go get it for $22.99 right now. Quick, before it gets any colder out.