Teach Yourself to Code With This Heavily Discounted Starter Kit

Access 100+ project recipes for just $19.

Unsplash / Michał Kubalczyk

The Details:

  • Explore exciting Pi applications including Spy Gadgetry and Supercomputers.
  • Access 100+ project recipes to extend what you and your Pi are capable of.
  • Learn how to leverage Python to gain mastery over your creative projects with Pi.

Why You Want It: These days it seems every programmer under the sun wants to make pure software, but there’s an incredibly interesting realm waiting at the digital-physical nexus. Whether your interest in the Pi comes from professional aspirations or personal fascination, there’s plenty in this eBook bundle to get you on your way to hardware applications.

The Deal: This 4-eBook bundle generally has an MSRP of $123.98, but right now you can get it for only $19 at the Inverse Shop after 83% off.

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle - $19