CBD Infused Edibles: Gummies Are The Perfect Place to Start

They're made with high-quality oils and currently 25% off.

When it comes to CBD, people tend to have plenty of questions. “Will it get you high?” and “Is it illegal?” being the two most popular. The answer to both of these inquiries is no. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis that’s not psychoactive. So now that you’re a little more in the know and probably more inclined to try some, allow JUSTCBD’s gummies to ease you into the popular wellness trend.

These Sugar Bears are infused with Hemp Isolate that’s 99.99% grown and manufactured in the USA. If you’re wondering why you should opt for this product as opposed to the others on the market (and trust us, there are a lot), the answer lies in the ingredients. JUSTCBD’s goods are lab tested and made with pure, high-quality oils.

As for what the edibles actually do, the gummies are meant to alleviate stress, help you sleep better and ease pain. Plus, they taste just about as good as the candy available at your local drugstore. They’re sweet with a slight sour kick.

You can scoop these guys up right now and dabble with CBD for just $29.99 after a 25% discount at the Inverse Shop.