'Arrow' Season 7 Spoilers: Was That Huge Future Felicity Reveal True?

The Arrow Season 7 premiere introduced flashforwards, allowing William to visit the island and find Roy 20 years in the future. Then, they followed the GPS coordinates in the Hōzen Felicity gave William back to Star City, and in Episode 4, they saw how bleak things had become in their old hometown. The next set of coordinates put them on the path to encounter an old friend, who had more bad news, but was that friend telling the truth?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 below.

Once Roy and William arrived in future Star City, the GPS coordinates in the Hōzen changed. They assumed that was Felicity’s doing and followed the new directions to Smoak Tech. However, Felicity’s future company was in shambles, and just after William retrieved a bag from a safe in the wall, the cops showed up. Future Dinah helped them escape and warned them the cops would’ve killed both Roy and hers for being former vigilantes.

“Star City fell when the Glades rose,” Dinah explained. “They built a wall. They closed their borders. No one outside the Glades is allowed to enter. The SCPD are basically hired guns. They protect the Glades from what’s outside their wall.”

Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy), Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and William (Ben Lewis) in the future in 'Arrow' Season 7 Episode 4 "Level Two"

The CW

But they did have a way to get in and out of the Glades. Inside the bag, William collected at Smoak Tech was a Rubik’s cube, and solving it using Felicity’s favorite pattern (a cube in a cube) revealed a hologram map with secret routes in and out of the Glades. According to Dinah, however, Felicity couldn’t have been the one guiding William and Roy because “Felicity Smoak is dead.”

But is she?

Who else could have led William to Roy on Lian Yu? Who else could have known that Oliver’s bow was buried on the island, with a note that Roy burned after reading inside? Who else would have led them to Smoak Tech and written the code that William needed to finish to open the safe there? Who else would’ve known Felicity’s favorite Rubik’s cube pattern?

Yes, Oliver could be involved and would know some of these things as her husband, but the coding has Felicity written all over it. And yes, Felicity could have set this all up before her death – we don’t know when that presumably happened – but it’s a stretch.

William told Roy that Oliver and Felicity abandoned him at some point. Considering everything they’re doing for their family in the present – Oliver’s in prison trying to keep them safe and Felicity is doing whatever she has to in order to take down Diaz, the threat to her and William – would they just leave him? Something had to have happened, and perhaps the path William is on in the future is going to lead him to those answers.

Furthermore, in the present, Earth-2 Laurel Lance told Felicity to use her brain to get information out of the Silencer about Diaz, and Felicity let the Silencer escape with her RFID chip-equipped belt that allow them to track her. However, Felicity let the Silencer think she was going to torture her. She pretended to be one thing (willing to torture) while she was another (being smart). What if in the future, she did something similar, pretending to be one thing (dead) when she’s another (alive)?

This wouldn’t be the first time someone was said to be dead in the future only for that not to be the case. In Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, the team traveled to the year 2046 and Oliver was presumed dead. They soon discovered he was alive. What if that’s the case with Felicity in this future?

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