Long Live Amazonbasics, the Ultimate Online Store

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One thing I’m slowly learning as a self-sufficient adult (more or less) is just how much god damn stuff I have to buy all the time. Some coffee mugs here, a table lamp there, some $600 health insurance each month (haha, this country is broken).

A lot of these home and personal basics are things we take for granted, but they have to come from somewhere. Gone are the days of raiding IKEA with your parents. Where does the average person now shop for affordable but well-designed essentials? Where do you turn when you accidentally melt your roommate’s spatula? More often than not, your answer is AmazonBasics.

AmazonBasics, quite simply does it all (well, almost). From t-shirts to glassware to towels to devices, the company’s flagship and cheap-as-hell brand has gotten me out of a bind more times than I can count. Here are our favorite AmazonBasics items, and why you need them in your life.

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