Sunday Lectures: Musical Orgasms, Globsters, and the Confederate Flag

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Without fail, local TV crews will cry “Alien!” every time they find weird shit washed up on the beach. But most of the time, it’s just a “globster,” the mangled corpse of some poor ocean animal. Here’s a short primer on everything you ever wanted to know about these creepy hunks of flesh.

Humans and Other Animals: Cultural Evolution and Social Learning

Sure, humans are just another animal on the evolutionary tree, but we’re the only species with culture, right? Maybe not — and this video from the Royal Institution explains how.

Not the Confederate Flag

Turns out the version of the Confederate flag we’ve been rallying against in the past few months isn’t technically the real Confederate flag. Its design has changed over the years, according to this video from CPG Grey — though what it’s come to represent certainly hasn’t.

Can Music Give You an Orgasm?

Well, can it???

The Banach-Tarsi Paradox

Ready for a mindfuck? The first 30 seconds of this video shows how, by cutting up and rearranging a regular chocolate bar a certain way, you can seemingly create more chocolate out of thin air. It’s an illusion based on a math theorem known as the Banach-Tarsi paradox, and here Vsauce explains how it works.

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