18 Amazon Deals Too Good to Pass Up

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Amazon is known for carrying literally everything you could ever need, and for delivering it to you in record time. But convenience usually comes at a premium, or at least that’s what our parents always say. Wanna know a secret? It’s not always true. Amazon actually sells a number of products at cheaper prices than competitors and retail stores. They also offer daily deals and “coupons” that you can automatically apply at checkout. All of these little things add up to some serious savings, which is what we’re bringing you today.

We’ve rounded up 18 of the most random necessities, gadgets, and wish-list items that are currently cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else. From robot vacuum cleaners to weighted blankets to bulk tampons, we’ve got literally everything you need to treat yourself (and your friends and family) without breaking the bank—or breaking a sweat, for that matter. Finally, it actually pays to shop online.

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