We're Obsessed With These Pet Items on Amazon

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Unsplash / Yerlin Matu

It’s a good thing we love our pets because they are living, breathing examples of just how stupid we are. Who would, in this day and age, willingly take even more time out of their day and money out of their account to wait hand and foot on some dumb, fur-shedding creature who will pretend to tolerate you for as long as their food bowl is full and you’re alive and not one second longer? Pets are the ultimate scammers, and I love them and would die for them and I want to give them presents. So I looked for some presents to give them.

We scoured Amazon for the best items for every kind of pet (Okay, mostly cats and dogs; you’re on your own if you’re one of those people who carries their lizard around on their shoulders.) From toys to more practical gifts, we can’t get enough of these pet items on Amazon.

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