Cheap Sous Vide Machines That Are Seriously Worth It

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Unsplash / José Ignacio Pompé

Sous Vide cooking is intimidating: It involves high-tech equipment, often requires at least one other type of cooking in order to prepare an edible meal, and, worst of all, it has a fancypants french name that, for all I know, could mean “rat poop buffet”. Anyway, it’s great.

The idea behind sous vide cooking is this: You put whatever you want to cook (steak, fish, vegetables, you name it) into a sealed bag in a pan full of water set to a desperately precise temperature, thus cooking the food evenly and entirely, and not a minute too long or a degree too hot or cold.

To do this right, you need a sous vide machine. We’ve found some impressively cheap ones on Amazon to take your cooking game to the next level, and impress your date the next time you want to do something cooler than ordering in Chinese food.

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