The Best Tech to Optimize Your Outdoors Experience

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Unsplash / M_K Photography

Ahh the great outdoors. Mother nature. The Breath of the Wild. Can’t beat it. Just kidding: This world is a nightmare full of mean bugs, poisonous snakes, and weather conditions that can legit kill you. That just shouldn’t be allowed.

Whether you long for a rugged, no-holds-barred camping trip, or just think you should maybe spend a liiiiittle bit more time getting some fresh air in a park or whatever, it can seem all that more inconvenient to take in nature’s great sights and sounds by virtue of the fact that none of your stuff is there. No TV, no fridge, and you can realistically only carry, like, two books maximum at a time. It’s awful. But there are some cool products and gadgets out there designed to improve your outdoor experience.

We found eight of the coolest high-tech gadgets and accessories that fully enhance the terror that is leaving your home. From a perfectly portable grill, to a bag that holds your phone (trust me, it’s cooler than it sounds) these are the best high-tech solutions for surviving, or simply enjoying, the great outdoors.

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