Why You Should Be Amped for the New Deafheaven Album

The dream metal powerhouse returns this fall.

San Francisco metal act Deafheaven has divided metal purists by what they represent — a bridge to something more accessible and less married to the somewhat rigid rules of black metal. By working against these metal tropes, relatively speaking, the group’s 2013 LP Sunbather stood out as that year’s lushest and hardest-hitting rock record, regardless of genre.

And now, they’re tweaking the formula a little for New Bermuda, a record that will be out in October via indie powerhouse ANTI-. While the band had dialed down some of the overt shoegaziness of Sunbather, they’re going for a more lockstep-vintage-Metallica thing, and I doubt anyone is gonna be mad.

Ian Cohen and I will see you at the gym.