The Best Stuff on Amazon (And Elsewhere) for the End of Summer

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Unsplash / Blake Wisz

Well, guys, we did it. Almost. The days of taking three showers in a 12-hour period because you’re both disgustingly sweaty and also just plain bored are nearly behind us. Soon we’ll be in the loving embrace of early fall, where the leaves change color backlit by a gentle, golden sun. That season generally lasts 3-5 days until the harsh unremitting depression of winter sets in. It’s gonna be great.

Until then, it’s still hot out! What else is there to do that we haven’t already done with the nice weather? I understand some people go camping or hiking, instead of sleeping through the day and achieving absolutely nothing like a normal person (me). Anyway here are the best online deals of the week, whether you’re headed out on an adventure or catching up on some Netflix.

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