Save Your V-Bucks: Talking Finances on 'Squad Up'


Squad Up, the first Fortnite talk show, is back with its third installment. Each episode, the hosts squad up with random players across the globe and talk to them about their lives outside of the video game. In this episode, the hosts talked to a couple guests about everyone’s favorite topic: money.

Fortnite is a monster of a game. For a game that is completely free to play, Epic Games has made a pretty penny off of downloadable content. The hosts of Squad Up are here to tell you that you don’t have to be a slave to this game anymore. You don’t have to buy a single V-Buck ever again. This episode’s main takeaway: Save your V-Bucks.

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Their first guest, a financial advisor from Florida, talked to the boys about how to save money and make smart investments. Don’t buy things you don’t need; don’t fall victim to social media FOMO; and stay within your means.

His greatest piece of advice, however, was about Fortnite. If you buy one season’s Battle Pass and save all of the V-Bucks you earn as you progress, you can get the next season’s Battle Pass for free. Don’t buy useless items. Repeat this until Season 37, and you’ve saved yourself a sweet chunk of change, baby.

Their next guest was a cool, jack-of-all-trades from Brooklyn. His claim to fame is being retired at the tender age of 31. The hosts picked his brain about the best ways to retire early, and it turns out, the answer is actually pretty simple: If you work 60 hours a week for 10 years and spend as little money as possible, you can save a buttload of money.

As you can guess, he’s a pretty thrifty guy. He owns one pair of jeans, secretly slept in his office for a year, and has never even heard of the Battle Pass. He plays with the default skins and is A-OK with that — and you should be, too.

For all of their live shenanigans, make sure to follow Squad Up on Twitch and YouTube.

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