'Good Wife' Duo's New Show Involves Aliens, Seems Very Promising

The Good Wife Duo are doing a show about aliens next. It looks promising as hell. 

The Good Wife is a prestige drama about lawyers, politicians, ambition, and corruption. It’s expertly paced and well-written, and Robert and Michelle King, the duo behind it, are frequently lauded with critical praise. That’s why it’s promising as hell that their next project is another political piece in D.C. involving brain eating aliens.

Debuting next summer on CBS, the show will be a comedy-horror called Braindead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “BrainDead follows a young fresh-faced Hill staffer getting her first job in Washington, D.C., and discovering two things: first, the government has stopped working, and second, alien spawn have come to Earth and eaten the brains of a growing number of congressmen and Hill staffers. “

While that premise could be questionable in the hands of unskilled writers, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have already proven that smart alien comedies can be awesome (so did the Men In Black writers, until they decided to go down the Pirates of The Caribbean road and ruin a good thing).

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