'Fortnite' Talk Show Updates 'Squad Up' Hosts on Dank Memes and Rodeoing

And, yes, "Dank Memez" is back and talking about corn.

In this week’s episode of Squad Up, the internet’s first and only Fortnite talk show, host Justin Dodd is on the couch with Bronx native Cin Pim of the Bag Ladiez podcast. They drop in with a mechanic from Saratoga, our favorite meme expert “Dank Memez,” and some dudes who have some great women in their lives.

Squad Up, Inverse’s newest weekly video series, takes place entirely within Fortnite: Battle Royale, the biggest video game since, well, ever. Each episode, the hosts squad up with random, anonymous players and interview them about their lives. It’s not just about video games; it’s about the people.

In Episode 2, the people are wild. The mechanic in Chapter 1 tells us all about the rodeo and how he pretty dope at bowling. Squad Up’s resident meme specialist, “Dank Memez,” gives the hosts the lowdown on when exactly they become dead (if it’s on Ellen, it’s a goner). And two fellow Fortniters from Texas talked about love, life, and beer pong.

“It’s fun when you’re squadding up — playing with people around the world,” Weston Green told Digiday in an article about the show published earlier this month. “We thought, ‘How do we turn this into a show?’”

Squad Up streams live every Tuesday and Friday. Follow Inverse on Twitch and subscribe on YouTube for more episodes of Squad Up: The Fortnite Talk Show to stay up to date with all of their shenanigans. And, if you want to learn more about dank memes, there’s more from our favorite player, “Dank Memez,” below.