These 6 Yodeling Kid Remixes on Soundcloud Are Actually Really Good

Say no more.

Mason Ramsey, aka 11-year-old Yodeling Kid, took the web by storm in April with a Walmart performance for the ages. His smooth crooning was innocent, entrancing, and just what the divided nation needed to forget about a world in chaos.

Ramsey is releasing his debut EP Famous on Friday for an adoring public that truly can’t get enough of him. To mark the major milestone for the blues prodigy, Inverse has combed through the thousands of Yodeling Kid’s remixes to present you, dear listener, with the best Yodeling Kid remixes on the internet. And rather than falling into the trap of aggregating sub-par EDM remixes on YouTube, we’ve chosen to deliver you the good stuff — straight from the cool kids of Soundcloud.

1. Walmart Yodeling Kid (Adam Joseph Remix)

Taking the top spot is a remix by LA house DJ Adam Joseph. Tagged as #CorporateHouse, the track delivers hints of our fair yodeler sprinkled on top of a legitimate house track. If this came on in a club, most people would probably be way too far gone to even notice that it was the yodeling kid.

2. Walmart Yodeling Kid (Lofi / Future Remix)

This chilled-out futuristic remix infuses 8-bit elements with Yodeling Kid’s sweet sounds to create a truly enjoyable spin on the meme. Heck, we’d listen even if it weren’t for Yodeling Kid.

3. Yodeling Walmart Kid (Jersey Club Remix)

Jersey Club, a fusion of hip-hip, house, and club music, is a genre that has thrived on Soundcloud. It has highly characteristic sounds that aren’t lost in the Jersey Club Yodeling Kid remix. They actually go quite nicely together.

4. Yodeling Walmart Kid Singing (NoXuu Remix)

While this remix starts with a solo yodeler, it quickly morphs into bouncy electro-pop tune interspersed with surprisingly eerie, dissonant yodels. A real masterpiece.

5. Yodeling Kid Remix

We’re not really sure how Roos made this one, but it sounds like Yodeling kid mixed with Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, and Destroyer. Not the best, but still a pleasant experience.

6. Walmart Yodeling Kid (Trap Remix)

This trap remix of Yodeling Kid has all the elements of a great Yodeling Kid remix. It stays true to trap roots, containing elements of some hip-hop and emo, while seamlessly inserting snippets of our friend throughout.

Clearly, Yodeling Kid has been an inspiration to artists across the internet. If we’re lucky, this album won’t be his last.

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