'Mandy' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Stars In a Bloodsoaked 80s Hellscape

If 'Drive' was a slaughterhouse movie, this would be it.

Actor and living meme factory Nicolas Cage stars in Mandy, an upcoming horror film that mixes 1980s noir with a grindhouse aesthetic. The trailer depicts a man on a vengeful, neon-tinted murder spree involving tigers and a chainsaw duel. I am so thoroughly here for this.

The plot seems pretty simple. Set in 1983, Red Miller and Mandy Bloom are a happy couple living in the Shadow Mountains. Then a bunch of demonic cultists ride in on ramshackle motorcycles and cage cars that look suspiciously like extra props leftover from the last Mad Max movie. The lead cultist Jeremiah Sand nabs Mandy and maybe kills her? The trailer doesn’t make it very clear, but in any case, Red isn’t cool with this, so he forges a mall ninja axe and decides to kill them all for revenge.

Nic Cage is a versatile actor who’s performed in all sorts of roles, but the prevailing opinion is that he’s a bit excessive (to say the least). This perception of him is not without merit, but that’s why Mandy looks so great. It seems like a bespoke film for the eccentric Cage to tap deep into his erratic side and dial it up to 11.

Creepy cultists in spiked bondage gear, completely inpractical axes, and Mad Max vehicles? This movie is Peak Cage.

Easter Egg Alert?

That trailer may seem like pure visual overload, but I’m pretty sure that there’s actually a hidden reference in there. First, take note of the shirt that Red and Mandy both wear at various points in the trailer.

Just two numbers shy of answering the greatest question in the universe.

RLJE Films

This movie will be greatly improved if Mandy gets her own axe for choppy choppy.

RLJE Films

In East Asia, four is the number that’s associated with death, which means 44 is really, really bad. It’s like saying double death. Basically, what I’m saying is Nic Cage is going to kill a bunch of cultists with an axe and a chainsaw. I am hype.

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