New 'X-Files' Footage Released, Wild Speculation Begins

I want to believe this won't suck.


The plot for the upcoming X-Files revival is so secretive I’m not sure this footage was released or if it escaped. Either way, we’ve got 15 seconds of spanking-new images to dissect like a little green man in a stainless steel surgeon’s theater.

I’ll start! Each shot of footage is about as substantial as a ukulele pick, but me I’m intrigued by the military line-up in the first couple seconds. Those uniforms look vintage, meaning we’ll have at least a small excursion into the past. If that’s Area 51 or the show’s version of First Contact, it could mean we’ll finally have a resolution to the alien/government conspiracy plot that served as the show’s engine for nine seasons. Could the fedora-topped silhouette be a younger version of the Cigarette Smoking Man, there to barter with the greys? Since we last saw the character (SPOILER!) disintegrated by helicopter missile and since Chris Carter says that actor’s been cast in the show, a flashback appearance would make sense.

Those are the questions I find myself with based on this table-scrap of a promo. Certainly you can find more to wonder about with the shot of the boot on Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster, or the closing image of Scully who has found a way to skirt the natural law judging by her complete lack of aging.