The New David O. Russell Movie Looks Like He's Not Even Pretending To Give Fucks 

Actors. Ideas. Setting. Russell is literally recycling his previous two movies. 

The trailer for the latest David O Russell/ Jennifer Lawrence/ Bradley Cooper collaboration just came out. It looks familiar.

Silver Linings Playbook — Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper gazing into each others eyes outdoors, Robert De Niro looking imperious as usual — meets the old-timey atmosphere of American Hustle.

With Joy, Russell is showing his cards: He’s going the full Tim Burton. Burton began his career with hits (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd,) until recycling the same shtick made his later films like Alice In Wonderland and Dark Shadows seem like parodies of his earlier successes. Russell is moving into Dark Shadows territory here. But, if any actors can weather that and emerge with their popularity intact, it’s Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Don’t be like Johnny Depp, hanging on until credibility is lost. Jump ship while you still can, guys.