6 Perfect Gifts for Your Tech-Loving Dad, Or Just Treat Yourself

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Unsplash / NeONBRAND

Father’s Day is coming up and, yes, he’ll notice if you phone it in after getting your mom and beautiful $50 bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. Luckily, dads are one hundred times easier to buy for, too. Dads are wonderfully simple creatures focused on simple pleasures like, based on my experiences: Grilling meat badly, Bob Dylan deep cuts, and six hours of golf on TV with the volume turned up as high as it will go.

So, here are six great technological gift ideas for your dad. Whether he’s the kind of guy who has embraced modern tech with open arms, or still calls the FM radio a “gizmo,” you’ll blow his mind with these super cool inventions. You can also, you know, pick up these classics for yourself if you feel like it, too.

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