Help, I Can't Stop Staring at This Picture of Kevin Durant in the NBA Finals

His face is just optimized for great memes, okay?

Flickr / TechCrunch

Listen, I am not a sports person. If I know any basketball terminology, it’s because I memorized all the lyrics to “Get’cha Head in the Game” from High School Musical. Normally, I just scroll past tweets that involve any sort of athletic tomfoolery. But this meme of Kevin Durant stopped me in my tracks.

People tell me there was a big basketball game last night. I believe them. Sources also say this basketball player is, in fact, Kevin Durant. I have no reason to argue otherwise. But please, just look at it.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack here. Careful investigative reporting leads me to believe that this picture was taken just after Durant threw the ball and it went into the hoop (a good thing, for some, a bad thing, for others). In fact, Durant scored 43 points in last night’s game, which led the Golden State Warriors to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. I know, my head is pounding too. Try to stay with me.

For someone who just did something that I find very impressive, Durant looks pretty put out. But “Steph,” better known as Stephen Curry, and “Draymond,” aka Draymond Green, are the picture of pure exhilaration. Their overwhelming glee is practically tangible.

I love them. I want them to follow ME around and make those faces. I want this picture commissioned in oil paints, hung in the Louvre, and admired by all. I am going to make it my phone background. I will be right back.

Now, here are some fun interpretations of this new meme. Please, take your time and enjoy yourself.

This isn’t even the first time that Kevin Durant’s facial expression and those of his teammates have become a meme. Remember this GIF? I love this GIF.

I am now going to propose something a little bit ambitious, but I think it’s well deserved. I think Kevin Durant should be awarded the title of MLBPTBM. It’s the prestigious position of Most Likely Basketball Player to Be Memed of 2018. And I know what you’re thinking! Shouldn’t that go to LeBron James?

Well, the Cavaliers lost last night’s game, and they won this round, too. I’m sorry, LeBron. I know it hurts. But there’s always next season.

Here. You can look at the picture one more time.

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