This Is the Cheap, Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That Will Save Your Summer

The Tribit XSound speaker doesn't compromise.

Unsplash / Brooklyn Morgan

Ready for summer? I know I am. The one pair of shorts I own that I bought in 2012 have been brought out of storage and I’m ready to catch some rays.

Summertime involves a lot of planning. You’ve got to stock up on sunscreen, maybe a new pair of sunglasses and swim shorts. But here’s the secret weapon to saving every summer, every rooftop hang with sun-warmed beers, every ill-fated beach trip where the water is too cold and you find sand in your shoes for weeks afterwards: a baller portable speaker.

It’s a simple but gloriously effective way to become the summer hang-out MVP. Just pull out your tiny wireless boombox, connect to the phone with the coolest music, and anywhere you are becomes Good Vibe City. To that end, we needed to find the best Bluetooth portable speaker, and by God I think we found it.

The Tribit XSound speaker doesn’t look like anything fancy. It’s surprisingly small, even for a bit of portable tech, and its low-profile buttons and all-black coloring makes for a very un-flashy bit of kit. But that’s just a disguise, like Clark Kent’s glasses. Once you turn it on and year what the Tribit has to offer, everything changes. The bass, for something so small and so cheap, blows its competitors out the water. It can go loud, too, and don’t you worry about battery life. On a full charge, the Tribit is capable of 24 hours of continuous music play.

You don’t need to sweat bringing it poolside, either. it’s tough as nails and waterproof to boot, so no matter what you throw at it, it won’t be ready to pack it up and go home before you are.

The Tribit XSound Go is available on Amazon right now for just $35.99, a fraction of what lesser Bluetooth speakers are going for. It’s a no-brainer.