'Killer Queen Black' and 'Overcooked 2' Revealed in Nintendo E3 2018 Leak

It seems no video game company is safe from leakers.

No video game company is safe from leaks in the days leading up to E3, not even Nintendo. New evidence seems to confirm that the company will present at least nine titles at the gaming conference, including Killer Queen Black, Overcooked 2, and long-anticipated Nintendo Switch port of Fortnite.

This leak originated on 4chan, where an anonymous user posted a blurry photo of a print order for game logos that will purportedly be used during Nintendo’s conference. The logos are a mix of ports, upcoming titles that have already been confirmed, and a few surprises.

Of course, it’s quite easy to fabricate a leak like this by whipping up a few logos in Photoshop and snapping a bad photo, but we have good reason to believe that this is the real deal. The existence of Fortnite on Switch is corroborated by an updated rating for the speculated port from a Korean ratings board. Kotaku also spoke with anonymous sources who confirmed that Fortnite and Dragon Ball FighterZ are both being developed for the Switch.

Killer Queen Black is most likely related toKiller Queen), the team-based arcade game made by Bumblebear Studios. The game’s official Facebook page changed its profile picture and cover photo to solid black on May 25. That seems like a pretty big hint.

FIFA 19, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Starlink: Battle For Atlas, and Mario Tennis Aces were all previously announced. That only leaves the Switch port of Paladins and Overcooked 2 unaccounted for, and neither of these are earth-shattering announcements. Paladins is a respectable but niche multiplayer shooter with battle arena elements. Overcooked 2 is probably the sequel sequel to Overcooked, a small but successful cooperative cooking game.

If the leak is fake, then it’s very low risk, considering how predictable it is. However, even if it’s true, this doesn’t mean that Nintendo has shown all of its cards. After all, there are rumors about a possible Star Fox racing game.

Let’s hope Nintendo still has a few surprises left.

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