Tesla Flaw: Amy Weber Shares Shocking Video of Steering Problem

A viral video has placed one Tesla’s steering under the spotlight. Model and actor Amy Weber on Monday shared a video, taken by her husband David Dginger, of a serious issue with her all-wheel drive Tesla electric car. The video, which has received over 20,000 views, shows the wheel crunching as the vehicle turns. The couple claims they complained to Tesla about steering issues three months ago.

The couple has tried for months to get Tesla to fix the issue, with Weber documenting the saga in Twitter posts to her 436,000 followers. In February, she wrote that she was having issues with the steering wheel locking up. She brought the car into Tesla along with a video of the issue, only for Tesla to claim that it could not replicate the issue and it was safe to drive her kids around in the car. In March she told followers that her third Tesla vehicle was in the shop again, calling on CEO Elon Musk to take action. Dginger claims that not only could Tesla find no fault with the vehicle, but the dashboard also showed no warning signs.

It’s not the first time Tesla has faced issues over its steering system. In December 2016, video producer Marques Brownlee shared with his 2.75 million Twitter followers how the power steering would lock up and force him to haul the wheel around to complete a turn. This led to Tesla announcing in March the recall of 123,000 Model S vehicles built before April 2016, the largest program in the company’s history.

Twitter user Bozi Tatarevic replied to Dginger by highlighting other steering issues discussed in the Tesla Motors Club forum. A user called “JenniferQ” shared a story on August 2017 of “a terrible sound emanates from the left front wheel,” causing the Autopilot to slow on the freeway. Service was “exceptional” as the family was back on the road with a loaner car in around an hour.

Whether Weber will get her car repaired remains to be seen. Dginger says the family has left the vehicle and is waiting for a tow truck before continuing.

Inverse has contacted Tesla for comment.

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