Machu Picchu Cliff Hotels Puts Views First

These isolated pods offer amazing yet terrifying views of the Sacred Valley

A Peruvian adventure travel company has found the perfect solution for the lodging shortage (and shortage of inspiring lodging) in the Sacred Valley. Three hand-crafted transparent capsules, called the “Skylodge Adventure Suites,” now hang 400 feet above the ground on a cliff face with unrivaled views of Machu Picchu.

Intrepid guests must climb the over 120 meters to get to the pods or hike to a point where they can get there by zipline. Room service is not a thing, but visitors also don’t have to worry about the neighbors making a racket.

Anyone who does make the journey can get comfortable in the 24-foot-long and 8-feet-high weather resistant tubes, which can accommodate four guests apiece. They even have space for a separate dining room and a toilet, which is a damn good thing given the terrain.

Strategically placed ventilation ducts keep the valley air circulating, and an alternative lighting system inside consists of four lamps and a reading light each powered by solar panels so you can get a little reading done or write a letter to your folks describing the panorama.
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