Never Forget a Password Again With This Life-Saving App

Dashlane lets you take back control of all those forgotten passwords.

Unsplash / Dayne Topkin

A fun statistic is that over 30 percent of people abandon online shopping carts because they’ve forgotten the password they chose one time, many months or years ago, for that website. Another statistic is that I have forgotten 100 percent of the passwords I have ever thought up and typed because my brain has been shattered by the internet. Aside from forgetting a password, nothing is more torturous than the Sisyphean modern tasks of creating an account, selecting a password, immediately forgetting said password, then asking the website to please, please, send you a new password because you are a little baby with zero memory skills. It’s a humiliating task that, as adults and not little babies, we should not be forced to endure.

And so comes Dashlane, the answer to all your forgotten password dreams. Dashlane is the secret robot butler you never know you needed. A close confidant who will store, track, and manage your passwords, and never breathe a words of it to anyone else.

Dashlane has a patented security architecture, and can be used across all browsers and devices you can care to name. Just download it and you’ll never have to worry about angry red text telling you “MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE NUMBER AND HIEROGLYPH AND THE NAME OF A BEATLE (NOT RINGO)” again. Dashlane autofills your password into each site, so you can let your short-term memory fill up with more important things like the order in which you would like to bang the Avengers.

A whole year of Dashlane usually runs $39.96, but for a limited time Inverse readers can grab it for just $19.98. For more long-term thinkers, a $120 three-year subscription is currently just $59.94.