These Doppler Earbuds Reprogram Your Ears

Drop that bass, scenic nature hike

Today, there’s been some Internet attention beamed at a new set of earbuds from Doppler Labs. This pair of buds customizes your personal experience with sounds around you. So what’s the big deal? Now that the company has received $17 mil in Series B funding after a successful fund-raising effort on Kickstarter, here’s a few cool things that might end up leading to further development in bionic ears.

Block Out That Screaming Baby

Outside of being able to adjust bass, treble, and the volume of music playing around you via the earbuds, you can also block out specific sounds, such as a baby’s crying or snoring. The farther we get on, the more opportunities technology gives us to straight up ignore stuff.

“Make Every Room Sounds Like Carnegie Hall”

Though there’s only a prototype available at the moment, CEO Noah Craft promises that customized audio experiences at a concert will eventually be one of the functionalities of Here Active Listening.

Hans Zimmer and Tiesto Are Investors

All of those Kickstarter backers are in good company.