27 Life-Changers on Amazon for Under $15

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Unsplash / Xan Griffin

Without hyperbole, changing your life in just a few days through Amazon is entirely possible. That is, if you have millions of dollars and know exactly what it is you need to get in order to be the best version of yourself. Maybe that’s a mattress that can fit two people. Maybe that’s a bed frame to lift that mattress off the ground (Seriously, what is it with people and keeping their mattresses on the ground?) Sometimes it’s something simpler, like a nice rug or a decent coffee grinder to end the brutal cycle of $6 Starbucks runs every damn morning.

For the budget-conscious, we’ve assembled an exhaustive list of the very best, the most essential, and the most life-improving products that money can buy. Specifically, money under the princely sum of $15. That’s right: every single amazing thing on this list will cost you less than a fancy sandwich. Get on it.

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