Make the Best PowerPoint of Your Life With This Amazing Slideshow App

Slidebean makes stunning, powerful presentations in minutes, and right now you can get 96% off.

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Jobs suck, but you gotta have one. PowerPoint presentations also suck, and yet most jobs will, at one point or another, demand you assemble one for whatever reason. Maybe you need to make your Q2 earnings report (I don’t know what any of those words mean but I’ve seen movies) look flashier. Maybe you want to make the mandatory office chore schedule seem more fun than it is. Maybe your boss is on to you and has demanded a breakdown of what is it you actually do.

Presentations are invaluable tools in business, but not all of us have the expertise, the time, or, straight-up, much of a desire, to make professional-quality slideshows on the fly. That’s where Slidebean comes in. It removes all the hassle, allowing you to create full presentations with a single click. All you do is add the content you want to showcase, and Slidebean automates striking, sensible designs that will not only set your presentations apart from the rest, but will get you a raise and an extra week of vacation (OK I cannot guarantee this part)

With Slidebean, you can customize everything about your slideshows, from a selection of design templates, to high-end color palettes, to a premium selection of fonts. You can collaborate online easily, and share your presentations with any type of device instantly. The app also makes it easy for you to embed presentations on your website with an automatically-generated HTML script.

Simply put: there’s never been a better, easier way to make and share the coolest slideshows you’ve ever seen in your life. Usually more than $1,100, a lifetime subscription to Slidebean is currently available to Inverse readers for just $34.99. That’s more than 96 percent off, a deal so good we didn’t even feel the need to make a slideshow about it.