This Alien-Adding Filter Wins Instagram 

Alien Sky will confuse the hell out of your followers.

Next time you’re browsing Instagram for a sweet filter to make your brunch look profound, don’t focus too much on the shading. Instead, ask yourself this question: Does this photo look like it was taken on Earth? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to break out a new kind of filter.

Brave Fever’s Alien Sky uses filters to add UFOs and mysterious lights in the sky to otherwise banal images. Its selection of effects includes “space objects,” “bright stars,” and “planets/moons.” In essence, it can make your walk in the park look like the front of a pretty cool sci-fi softcover.

Check out some Alien Sky enhanced pics below:

What was once the normal night sky becomes a hostile planet receiving an envoy from a little green man.

Above, what was once a simple landscape becomes Earth post Alien-Apocalypse.

And the mothership needs no explanation.