13 Wild Deals to Score on Amazon While They Last

Get the very best essentials that will upgrade your adult life.


Amazon always stocks all the cool stuff you love at super-cheap prices, but what are the absolute BEST deals to take advantage of right now? We wanted to know, so we went and found out.

Scouring the newest deals pages, the best sellers, and the most-wished-for items, we discovered some seriously good hidden gems to take advantage of right now. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade for your home or a nice gift for yourself (you deserve it), these 11 insane deals should be snapped up as soon as possible.

primo hip flask
anker flashlight

13. Anker Bolder P2 Pen Flashlight

The Bolder flashlight – by our favorite electronics company, Anker – is the size of a pen and much, much cooler. You'll never fumble around using your weak phone flashlight again. Amazon, $16.99

next level crewneck tee

12. Next Level Men's CVC Crewneck T Shirt

An unbelievably soft closet staple, this cotton and polyester blend  tee looks great, keeps you cool, and it's never been cheaper. Amazon, $5.92

iCaber headphones

11. iCaber Bluetooth Earphones

If you want the look and feel of Apple's overprices Airpods, and are willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of intuitiveness, these shockingly high-quality Bluetooth headphones will give you a comparable experience at a fraction of the price.  Amazon, $15.97

Bondo Putty

10. Bondo All-Purpose Putty

You need this in your home. Bondo Putty fixes just about everything: cracks and holes in your wall, broken metal, everything. It's Gorilla Glue for grown-ups. Amazon, $9.23

slim wallet

9. Famavala Minimalist Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Get rid of that giant trifold wallet in your back pocket and enjoy this beautiful leather slim wallet at an astoundingly low price. Seriously, as someone who lugged around a massive wallet for far too many years of their life, it's a revelation. Amazon, $6.99

bulldog moisturizer

8. Bulldog Original Moisturizer

Ostensibly for "men", the Bulldog line of products is simply real good for everyone. It keeps you clean, smelling good, and leaves a soft tingle on the skin. It rules. Amazon, $7.79

pillow shams pinzon

7. Pinzon 400-Thread Egyptian Cotton Pillow Sham

Simply put: Every self-respecting adult needs a couple of soft, clean, classy pillowcases. It's the fastest way to transform any bedroom into one that looks like a place an adult might spend time. These should be at the top of everyone's list.  Amazon, $12.99

eufy bulbs anker

6. 2 Anker Eufy Smart Bulbs

Anker is getting into the smart home game, and nothing is more exciting than the launch of its smart bulbs. These are dimmable, with hues that range from very, very warm, to seriously bright daylight. They're must-haves. Amazon, $39.99

primo hip flask

5. Primo Stainless Steel and Leather Hip Flask

You never know when you might need a good hip flask, and the Primo offering looks the part, fits in most pockets, and comes with its own handy funnel to help avoid spillage of your precious cargo. Amazon, $19.79

cable organizer

4. Akwox Wood Cable Organizer

Nothing is more infuriating than an ugly bundle of tangled up cables. This real wood organizer looks great and makes something so important look so elegant. Amazon, $9.99

game of thrones chopping board

3. Game of Thrones "Dinner is Coming" Chopping Board

Finally, something that will actually get you excited about chopping onions. Amazon, $32.98

seguro mini spy camera

2. Seguro Mini Spy Camera

Record up to 90 minutes of video with this tiny spy camera. It can be placed anywhere and has its own SD card slot, so you can bust it out any place, any time. Amazon, $24.99


1. Nalgene Rustic Orange Water Bottle

A good water bottle is not only a must for today's eco-conscious world, but hard to find. The Nalgene is the classic, and this attractive colorway is cheaper than it's ever been. Amazon, $8.49

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