9 Super Nerdy Items on Amazon That Everybody Loves

Give a great gift, upgrade your home, indulge your fandom. All at once.


Whether you’re intent on filling your personal space with an insane number of Funko Pop figures, having a striking, unique wallet, or just want to add some familiar flair to your bathroom, there’s no better way to make a house a home than by adding some tributes to your favorite books, TV, and movies. Framed 70’s posters are the new marble busts of old conquerors, baby. Lean all the way in.

We’ve scoured the biggest nerd-centric marketplace on earth, which just so happens to be the biggest marketplace for just about anything else on earth, Amazon, for the coolest (well… debatable) and most-beloved (customer reviews don’t lie!) items that will upgrade your home and add a fun, personal touch to your everyday life.

BB8 Mug
vinyl coasters

9. DuoMuo Vinyl Record Coasters

I'm buying this set of vinyl record coasters right now. Coasters are an essential item for everyone who isn't a full-on child, and these are the best-looking and best-priced kind I've found for people who want to look a little punk rock while they also respect wood. Amazon, $7.99

BB8 Mug

8. BB-8 Coffee Mug

BB-8 is full of surprises, and now he cant be full of that sweet, sweet java too. Amazon, $12.99


7. Vintage Celestial Chart

Whether you want a cool, decorative, space-themed wall hanging, or want to get real into astrology (or both!) this is a stunning and stunningly detailed chart to explore. Amazon, $25.99

periodic table shower curtain

6. Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Now you can bone up on the elements, and all those "gotcha" questions about elemental symbols in bar trivia, with this handy and good-looking shower curtain. Learn while you wash your hands and also all that other stuff you do in the bathroom that I'm probably not allowed to write about. Amazon, $23.95

game of thrones beer glass

5. Game of Thrones Beer Glass and Bottle Opener

This fun glass is just the accompaniment to a seriously rad, unique Hand of the King bottle opener. Better yet, unlike in the show, you won't be under the constant threat of death just for owning it. Amazon, $20.99

tape iphone case

4. Retro Mixtape iPhone Case

They don't make them like these anymore. Show your love of good old fashioned analogue with this tape case for the iPhone 6/6S/7, and 8.  Amazon, $8.25

crap taxidermy

3. Crap Taxidermy

The kind of coffee table book you wish your aunt kept around when you were forced to spend time with her as a kid. This is a funny, endlessly enjoyable conversation piece that wouldn't be out of place in any chill home. Amazon, $12.08

calti titanium wallet

2. Calti Tactical Titanium Wallet

This futuristic and minimalist wallet is a dream. It's one quarter the weight of a regular tri-fold wallet, and has enough room to store 20 cards and a wad of cash. On top of that, there's a bottle opener. Is this... the perfect wallet? Amazon, $29.95

circuit board socks

1. Some cool As hellCircuit Board Socks

Pay your respects to the tech gods with these delightfully nerdy, yet oddly attractive dress socks. Amazon, $11.50

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