13 Insane Deals Under $35 to Grab on Amazon Right Now

We've got the very coolest and latest recommendations to cop this weekend.


As far as “self care” goes, buying stuff has to be right up there with the very best in cathartic counseling, hot air balloon rides, or turning your email notifications off at 5:00 p.m. on the button on a Friday.

And drugs, presumably, but I can’t say anything about that.

Amazon is, obviously, the go-to marketplace of the people looking for a quick fix of retail therapy. It’s nice, convenient, and you can get pretty much anything in two days without fail. It honestly shouldn’t exist, but for now it does, so let’s make the most of it. Here are 13 of our absolutely favorite products on sale right now that’ll give your home/work/wherever life a serious upgrade.

outlet shelf
Atgoin headphones

13. ATGOIN Wireless Headphones

Noise isolation and superior water resistance make these some of the best Bluetooth headphones (a small amount of) money can buy right now. Amazon, $33.99

amir motion sensor lights

12. AMIR 3 Motion Sensor Lights

Never fumble for the light switch when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night ever again. These motion-sensing bad boys are battery-operated and can be affixed to just about anything. Amazon, $9.99

meyers candles

11. Mrs. Meyers Large Lavender Candle, 2 Pack

The nicest-smelling candles in the game, now in a 2-pack for a super low price. Amazon, $17.60

wine aerator

10. Zazzol Wine Aerator

Unless you're a feral heathen or, worse, not out of college yet, aeration is the key to getting the most out of even the cheapest bottle of wine (So I hear, I am a heathen). This cuts out the middle man and looks pretty damn slick, too. Amazon, $21.29

american crew

9. American Crew Boost Powder

This is hands-down the best hair product you will ever use. Mess-free and almost completely invisible, this powder thickens and shapes hair without leaving residue or gunk. A true revelation. Amazon, $10.42

usb c cables

8. 2 Cheap As Hell USB-C Cables

Whether you're a Macbook Pro user, a Nintendo Switch enthusiast, or just of the opinion you should keep some extra USB cables lying around, these amazing 6-foot cables are affordable as all hell. Amazon, $10.99

outlets smart

7. Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet, 4 Pack

Turn any device in your house into a smart-thing you can turn on with just a touch of your phone screen. Amazon, $34.49

wearme sunglasses

6. WearMe Pro Polarized Sunglasses

These heard-wearing sunglasses also look the part. Look at these things! Gorgeous. They won't shatter the moment you touch them, and their polarized lenses actually protect your eyes from the sun's vicious rays. Amazon, $9.99

webcam covers

5. Yilador Slider Webcam Covers, 3 Pack

Now here's a cool new invention I'm ALL in on. Remove that tape from your webcam and instead install one of these amazing little sliders, so you can still FaceTime mom whenever you start getting passive-aggressive texts from home. Amazon, $9.99

cable organizers

4. 50 (!) Cable Organizers

Technology rules, but also it is hell. Make hell that little bit more bearable with the only cable organizers you'll ever need. These fifty straps could clean up an entire server room. Amazon, $7.49

steel bottle opener

3. OxO Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

A professional-grade bottle opener that will make you wave goodbye to the days of unsuccessfully trying to do that thing where you smash the lid off on the edge of a countertop. Amazon, $6.99

echogear shelf

2. ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf

I'm obsessed with this thing and honestly don't know why I didn't think to invent this sooner and make approximately one hundred trillion dollars. This outlet shelf can support up to 10 pounds, and it beyond perfect for phones, routers, speakers, you name it. I LOVE THIS SHELF. Amazon, $14.99

aukey table lamp

1. Aukey Touch Table Lamp

Aukey make some of the best, most affordable consumer electronics, period, and this touch table lamp not only looks great, but can be adjusted for brightness and even display a bunch of different colors. It rules. Amazon, $26.99

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