#BusinessTips4Ladiez Will Out-Mansplain You

Twitter sarcasm at its finest.

Brazil Photo Press/CON via Getty Images

We live in a patriarchy, which means, in part, that women have to justify their actions simply because they are not men. It also means that men feel like they have the authority to instruct women on how to succeed (i.e., “Act like a man!”). Fed up with how women are treated professionally, Ijeoma Oluo took to Twitter and created the #BusinessTips4Ladiez hashtag. It is full of advice no one should take and no one should give.

#BusinessTips4Ladiez exposes the absurdity and stupidity of men advising women on how to do their jobs (or anything, for that matter) because men “know better.” The joke here is obvious enough, but still funny, because you’d be surprised how many men don’t realize it’s a joke.

Other tweets point out the contradictory messages that men give women when telling them how to succeed. Men want women to be assertive and independent! But not too much to threaten the male-dominated status quo.

Many are just plain ridiculous because the notion that women need advice from men is just that – ridiculous. And yet, gentlemen, this is how we often sound.

Social media mini-movements like #BusinessTips4Ladiez raise awareness — seriously, if you’ve read this far, you’re now more aware. They also serve as catharsis for those with typically suppressed voices and point men toward being less tone-deaf. Take it as a gentle tip from the ladiez.