Learn How to Make Your Own Video Game With This Astoundingly Cheap Course

A lifetime membership to the School of Game Design is currently an unprecedented 99% off.

Unsplash / Rebecca Oliver

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading websites for smart wealthy people like Forbes and Fast Company, it’s that there’s no better and more difficult way to get super rich than by designing a game. It takes years of creativity and dedication and failure. But for every bad game, there’s a wildly good one. Hell, remember when the creator of Flappy Bird removed it from the app store because he felt guilty about how addictive it was? That could be you!

For laymen and experienced designers alike, there’s no better tool to immerse yourself in game design than the School of Game Design lifetime membership; an extensive and supportive online class that will take you through every step, from conceptualizing your idea to how to publish and market it effectively.

With unlimited and lifetime access, you’ll be able to learn core skills and cool tips at your own pace, or completely lose yourself in an intensive course as fast as you can possibly handle it. Not only that, but there are tons of different ways to learn. You’ll have 120 hours of video training at your disposal, as well as expert advice and support from professionals with decades of experience in the field.

There’s no reason not to try out this course, even if you just want to get a handle on the basics. Usually $5,990, the entire bundle is available to Inverse readers right here, right now for just $59. That’s not a typo. That’s fifty nine dollars down from nearly six thousand.

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